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Any girls up wanna mess around

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Any girls up wanna mess around

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You can also say that something is in amess.

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Relation Type: Sbm Seeking Some Company To See Robocop Or About Last Night

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Last edited on Apr 02 You can also say that something is in amess.

Hey, adound mess around with the thermostat—it needs to stay at 68 degrees. Quit messing around and work on your book report already, Scotty! You'll break it if you don't stop messing about with it.

Wannx more words with the same meaning: to joke, kid, or jest. She said she would ground us for a month if she caught us again.

Mess around

To joke about something. You gir,s a lot of time that way. Those two have been messing around. I'm messing around with a different platform for my blog, and I can't decide if I like it or not. V P n not pron If I messed up, I would probably be fired.

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We were messing around in his car when a security guard knocked on the window. Betsy and I are just messing around, which is great because I don't want a serious relationship anyway. To engage in casual sex acts with someone. We need to leave soon.

We were just messing around playing with paint There's no such thing as ghosts. I've been messing around with this new music sequencer I bought. We had been messing about with some new video techniques when we made our discovery.

The people in this lab are messing around with all kinds of polymers. I'll clear up the mess later.

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Also found in: DictionaryThesaurusMedicalWikipedia. Stop messing around and get busy. It may imply something up to and including oral sex, or it may simply imply up to genital contact but no oral sex. V P Boys and girls will enjoy messing about with any kind of machine.

Often used in the negative to indicate absolute seriousness. My auto mechanic doesn't mess around - he got the job done on schedule and under wnna.

Pete was messing around with Maria during the summer. I wish you wouldn't mess about so much. Come on, stop messing around.

Mess around

V n P He had messed up one career Quit messing around and come down stairs. To test or use something in order to learn more about it. See more words with the same meaning: to waste time.

See more words with the same meaning: sex or not-quite-sex ambiguous terms. Those mobsters don't mess around, so don't try to make any jokes.

Grandpa's still messing around with that old radio, but I doubt he'll get it to work again. Oh, come on, Tina, we're just messing around.

To engage in aimless recreation or frivolous time-wasting; to fool around. We didn't mean it. You guys, Mom is not messing around.

You are messing with people's religion and they don't like that To tease or play a prank on one, often by trying to get them to believe something that is not true.