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Looking 4 cute Slovenia for some drinks

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Looking 4 cute Slovenia for some drinks

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Amazing breakfast! We had breakfast here on Sunday morning and absolutely loved it.

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It gives an awesome vibe to the city and the live music, we were listening to, was quite good.

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We walked past it Looling night before and saw that they advertized slovenian breakfast, so thought we would give it a try. Server came back with a rearranged plate containing slightly different cheese but still including the hamburger cheese slices. We were amazed by the good Slovenian wine, the super friendly, well trained and helpful waiters and of course the food. The currency is Euro. So, it is really up to you what kind of wine you want to enjoy!

Slovene only food and drinks - slovenska hisa

For decades only industrial beer was available in Ljubljana so it was interesting to see Union adapt som the craft beer phenomenon. 22m looking for mature woman food: the main course Carniolan sausage For its size, Slovenia packs a mighty punch on the gastronomy scene: there are 23 gastronomic regions and distinct dishes claimed by this small central European country.

Incredible and definitely a benefit of the green environment in Ljubljana. Omnivar 2. Judge by yourself looking at the picture Stopped for a late afternoon light lunch and ordered a beer, glass of wine and the beef prosciutto and cheese platter. Although one of fot youngest microbreweries in the country, their beers are fast gaining traction. Sounds fun?

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We managed to find it in Ljubljana, Lkoking Lockal. Our conclusion of Ljubljana - A city we can highly recommended! The Slovenian capital Ljubljana was our second stop on our world trip. You will find everything at this place: meat, vegetarian and vegan dishes.

For Ljubljana, our choice was easy: It is the restaurant Julija. And, like in many other countries, it began slowly in our capital and spread throughout Slovenia resulting in the unprecedented growth of craft breweries, gypsy breweries and craft beer bars. Seen as a Slovenian brewery to locals, it actually stands on Austrian side of the border.

Slovenian food: desserts Potica Potica is a cross between bread and cake basically a nut roll.

dute And when it is as cheap as here it really is a brilliant option. For dinner including wine we paid between 27 and 40 Euros together.

Craft breweries in ljubljana:

For example, the city centre turned from a traffic-heavy zone into a green paradise where car use is limited and bikes are very welcome. The plate was to consist of prosciutto and various cheese.

They even have some beers cooling in the fridge in case you want to have your beer in a nearby park. What we got is prosciutto, some hamburger sliced processed cheese Kraft style.

Slovenian food: the main course

If all this talk about traditional drinks gave you the munchies, I already have an article about traditional foods you must eat in Slovenia — you know, to have a full experience while seeing everything this country has to offer! The Slovenian wine is cheap and really good and the food is cheaper and better in the old city.

It is! I was surprised that they have a really good selection of strictly Slovenian beers remember that we see Bevog as Slovenian.

Their local fame started because of music. Daktari Daktari is special. They brew special beers too like Biere Plane and 3 Bad Bears, a barrel-aged ale brewed with wild yeast in co-operation with Hillstown Brewery in Northern Ireland.


Amazing breakfast! A bit hidden from the main street, it has been attracting locals for two decades. When visiting a city, on the last evening we usually visit the restaurant that we liked most on our visit. We had breakfast here on Sunday morning and absolutely loved it. Although Champion was a special edition brew, you can still get it, though it has a less Looling colour. Such a nice service!

Cute bar, nice chairs - kavarna divine

There are 14 taps, a few of them regular like the German and Czech Lagers and a German Wheat beer but the remaining 11 cutr often changing. At the river Ljubljanica - The river Ljubljanica runs through the city and offers, besides the nice scenery, drikns bars and restaurants. This is the Slovenian food and drink you have to try, according to a Ljubljana waitress was last modified: June 25th, by Shaun Busuttil.

Arriving at Ljubljana you immediately recognize that Grundy VA housewives personals is different from other capitals. And often at a good price, too. Rent a bike for almost no money - You can easily rent bikes all over the city for almost no money.

We had the Karst scrambled and the Hill eggs with greaves and both loved it. Beer was good, Wine too. The cost for one week is only ONE Euro. The reason? He even wrote down for us the Slovenian area where the wine was from.